Blogging for Learning

I'm Michele Martin and I write about how to use social media tools like blogs and wikis for lifelong learning and professional development at my blog, The Bamboo Project.

In this wiki I'm documenting examples of how to use different blog posting formats for learning. In the left sidebar you'll see the different types of formats. Feel free to add additional types if you'd like.

I'd also love it if you'd add links to examples of blog posts that illustrate how you can use these different posting formats for professional development and lifelong learning. To do so, simply go to the associated page, click on "Edit this Page" and the add your link. To learn more, go to this wikispaces help section.

My Personal Learning Experiment

I want to practice what I preach, so I'm also exploring how to use these different blog posting formats to structure a learning project for myself. I'm documenting my process on a separate blog that you'll find here.